VIP Horror and Dark Fantasy Street Team

Brian Ference is looking for readers to join his V.I.P. - Advance Reader Street Team.

This is a group of volunteers who read and review ARCs of his newest books.

VIP ARC Street Team

  • Full members of the team receive a free copy of a new book before its release date.
  • In exchange, they read the book and post their honest review on sites like and before or shortly after the release date.

​ARC reviews should be your honest opinion, while focusing on what makes the book interesting or enjoyable, while avoiding spoilers or plots summaries. Brian counts on his ARC reviews to successfully launch his new books, so full members of his V.I.P. team are expected to read and review by the release day deadline.

The V.I.P. team plays an important role in the success of each new book!

Team Bonus

One Team Members will qualify for a $50 Amazon giveaway and a 10 signed paperback copy contest.



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