3 Awesome Social Media Tools To Promote Books

3 Awesome Social Media Tools For Book Promotion

Social media is a great tool for self-published authors to engage and interact with reading fans, as well as build relationships up with influencers and potential future readers and fans. However, being active on social media can be a 24/7 job and not always the best use of time. It can also be confusing to keep track of what works for which platform, especially if social media isn’t your forte!

Using the following tools can optimise the time you spend your social media, making it much more effective and less demanding. India Benjamin, who works as a Content and Online PR Executive for digital agency Blueclaw gave us 3 awesome time saving social tools that writers can use to manage their online social content.


Buffer is one of the greatest free social media tools out there on the web. It enables you to connect various social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus, to your Buffer account, enabling you to have a singular platform to schedule out your posts. For each profile you attach, you can set a posting schedule; this allows you to schedule your posts early on in the day, or even a few days in advance, and let buffer do its work.

Buffer also provides analytics, meaning you can see how many people your post can reach, how many people have clicked on to your posts or link, and which of your posts get interaction. Keeping track of which posts work for you can help to structure a better social media campaign.

Find out more about using Buffer and other social media tools to promote your books.


Tweriod is a free tool which analyses your followers to find what time they are generally most active on Twitter. Knowing this information means you can adjust your posting schedule on Buffer accordingly to ensure maximum exposure for each post. To use, simply sign up with your Twitter account and it will send you your analysis after a few hours. The free version will only analyse 1000 followers, but there’s always the option to upgrade if your social media following expands.


Topsy is another free tool which can be useful when implementing a social media strategy. It enables you to find influencers in your specific niche, see who is sharing your content, who is sharing your competitor’s content and what content within a specific niche is currently trending.

A good way to use Topsy to attract a certain following is to search for relevant keywords or phrases such as “crime thriller” and “crime novel” to find influencers who are talking about this topic. Trying different variations of a word or term is a good idea to ensure you get your pick of all the influencers.

Once you’ve identified influencers and conversations, you can then get involved through your own Twitter and start to build a relationship up with these influencers. Start with following key influencers, and then build up interaction through favouriting and retweeting posts of theirs you like. Respond to conversation and get your name out there. Once they know you, they’re much more likely to check out your content and share it with their followers.

Another good way of using Topsy is to search relevant keywords or topics under the ‘Links’ to see what content across the web is currently trending. By talking about this content and sharing it across your own social media with insightful comments, you get involved and show that you are an influencer. People are much more likely to follow and engage with you if they think you share useful content in the sectors they are interested in.

Authors' Social Media Summary

The main thing for authors and writers to remember about using social media for book promotion is that you are never going to convince all of your followers to buy your products. Rather than think of social media as a promotion tool, think of it as a way to build meaningful relationships with fans and influencers.

Ideally, only 10% of your posts will be promotional – the vast majority will be posts which you have shared from others or selected from the web to identify yourself as an expert in your niche, and the rest will be posts from you which don’t promote your work.

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