Book Review Strategy

Book Review Strategy

The first step to promoting your book and the most essential part of a book marketing strategy is getting book reviews from readers. This book review strategy will play a key role in determining where your book will land after publishing.

All Indie Authors want the content of their book to speak for itself so a proper book review plan is vital at the launch stage of your book. Without having a book review strategy in place before publishing, you'll be scrambling to ask family and friends to read and review your book. I know! I tried that and yes it worked to get me about ten good reviews, but you need loads more than that.

Among the factors that lead to mistakes made by indie authors in marketing their books, emotional attachment to their books and its content can also play a major role. They don’t treat their book as a marketable product, but rather as an individual which of course they love with all their heart and assume that the reader will do the same. This emotional attachment to their book can hampen the need to get reviews when the book is launched.

Love Or Like Reviews

For different readers your book is going to have different meanings. Everyone has their own perception, mental level and judgment of the written content, so for different people it will have different effects. Some may love it, others may like it while a couple may hate it. So when your book is almost ready to be published and launched, you should have a proper marketing strategy in place, including a book review plan. What you need to do is plan is to get book reviews from authentic, real readers of your genre, which will ensure your book receives greater exposure to a wide reaching reader audience.

Book reviews are the real deal makers or breakers.

Review Requests

There is a reason, that book reviews for Indie Authors, play a key role in the success of their books. You can try doing it the manual way or using our review request service.

Readers who are looking to buy new books may not have a lot of time on their hands and need to judge a book quickly. Of course, a nicely designed cover can attract the user into checking out your newly written masterpiece and once picked up they are most certain to open it and possibly 'read inside' a few pages, which is a great feature Amazon offers.

More than that,they will look at the review section to get an idea that whether this book is worth their time and money or not. While things like book manuscript and book cover can be done without any outside help, but how to get book reviews? That’s why you need to plan prior to publishing your book and to do that you need to grow your reader mailing list and find people to write authentic book reviews.

Connect With Your Reviewers

A recent survey proved that a high percentage of readers browse books and then look at the reviews. Positive and candid book reviews written from readers will have a great and positive effect on the sale of your book and would definitely help in building your audience.

All these things should be done before publishing your book, because no matter what, you would want your book to be read by a lot of people.

So a few months before publishing you should start working on a review strategy either by growing your mailing list with reader competitions or find readers through reader groups. Or find out how to get authentic reviewers for you books.

The image below shows how one of our authors connected on a personal level with his readers who reviewed his book through our review request service. They now want to read more of his books and he is building a reader relationship with them!

Authentic Book Reviews For Indie Authors

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