Finding The Human Behind Your Book

Finding The Human Angle Behind Your PR and Book Publicity Campaigns

Once you have self-published your book, you'll need a good book marketing plan along with a PR strategy to get free publicity for your book.

Book PR is an exciting way to promote your new self-published book. If you optimise your press releases with keywords that relate to your book's topic or fiction genre you will also bring traffic (aka book readers) to your site.

These good quality links will also help to increase your Page Rank.

Free Book Publicity Tips

  • Set up your own book marketing website.
  • Blogging platforms like Wordpress can be easily customised (even if you have no html coding knowledge) to form a great cross between a traditional web site and a blog.
  • You can send people to look at it from your social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and iHubbub.
  • Ask everybody you know who blogs if you could do a guest post for them. Most will be only too happy to let you take the 'stage' for a bit, especially if you make your post a more general look at your subject rather than a pure piece of puffery for yourself.
  • Some bloggers who review books may be keen to do a 'meet the author' post on you where you can share the reasons for writing your self-published book.
  • Find websites that cover the same subjects as your book's genre or non-fiction book's specialism and make comments on their posts. Make them interesting - so people will want to find out more about you - rather than just pushing yourself, or they'll simply ignore you. BUT don't spam loads of sites - no one likes a spammer and your book kudos will go down the tubes.

Add The Human Touch

Finding human interest stories will attract the media and give you a personal touch; this will then encourage readers to want to know more about you by visiting your website and hopefully buying your book. So do ensure you always show human interest in your book marketing and book publicity campaigns. Bloggers, journalists and editors will want to find out more about YOU or why YOU decided to write about this particular book.

Always remember the human interest aspect of your marketing. Keep telling yourself – there is a human behind every story. I am not suggesting you ‘wash your linen’ in public or do anything that goes against the grain or even reveal secrets you shouldn’t.

Not at all! Believe me, I am an extremely private person even though I advocate PR. All I am saying is look behind your ‘book's story’ to get the human angle. If it is interesting and warrants a good read that could inspire others, the media will want to know about it.

Explore ways and means of distributing your press releases as well as other essential PR and book marketing tools. Also check out some more ideas to get free publicity for your self-published book.

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