How To Create Newsworthy Media Stories

How To Create Newsworthy Media Stories

When you've self-published your book and you're on the book marketing trail, find out how to create newsworthy stories.

What is Newsworthy? Let’s face it, not all book news stories are worthy of being read. To ensure your book's press release is not just dumped in the bin before being fully read and understood, learn how to tick all the editors’ boxes.

They want valuable, meaty content that makes a good story. Imagine you’re a journalist writing a story for your local paper. Read ‘your’ press release in their boots and ask yourself - will it hook you (the editor) and make you (the editor) care? Will it be compelling and interesting enough to readers? Tailor your story to different outlets - trying to sell the same idea to everybody simply doesn't work.

Ideas For Newsworthy Stories

Take a quick look at these examples of possible newsworthy stories.

  • Winning a book award - enter as many book awards as you can
  • Receiving an accolade - especially good if your book is non-fiction and your accolade is within your business sector
  • Book events of general interest
  • Book launch, product launch or new innovative service – make up a great story with why, where, what, when and the people behind the product
  • New stats on your book if you reach the bestseller lists
  • Interesting research or findings from a poll or survey about your book's topic
  • Getting into the bestselling lists
  • Holding an open day with demonstrations and freebies to the public – charity or sector, local and regional media
  • Charity events - celebrities increases newsworthiness so if you can get someone to endorse your book shout about it from the roof tops
  • Community projects and the people involved- example: if you're reading your book to the local school or book club
  • Human interest- find out more about creating human angls in your PR
  • Something is newsworthy if it's brand new to the public and they want to read about it
  • Get the human story behind all of the items mentioned above!

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