Self-Published Book Press Release Template

Self-Published Book Press Release Template for self-published authors

When you start hitting the self-published book publicity trail you can use the following tips to grab attention to your book's press release.

Your Book's Press Release Headline Or Title

This is probably the most important part of your book's press release as it is the first thing the readers will see and thus it will determine if they continue reading or not.

  • Hook the reader with catchy, short, snappy headlines about your book
  • Stick to only a few words
  • Highlight key points in the opening paragraph that relate to your book
  • Capture their imagination as you have with your readers
  • Positive headings stand out
  • Don’t use spammy words such as ‘free’ in the title; find alternative creative words

Press Release Opening Paragraph

  • Outline the story angle for your self-published book story
  • Summarise the whole story about your book or self-publishing journey
  • Use five Ws: Who, What, When, Where, Why and don’t forget the How
  • Don’t give a sales pitch!

The Layout

  • Quote the author or writer in the press release
  • Quotes from other self-published authors or experts will add authority and impact
  • Tweak your book press release so it's appropriate for different media
  • Keep it to one page if possible
  • Proof read it again and again
  • Don't include attachments to an email; send the release in the body text
  • Ensure you have included contact details 

The Writing

  • Use simple, clear and professional language
  • Write in third person, so no ‘I’ or ‘we’ instead ‘they’ and ‘she’
  • Don’t write an advert, write a story. Any sniff of special offers, deals or ‘advertising speak’ will guarantee your book's press release is binned
  • Avoid jargon, techie terms, corporate language and abbreviations
  • Back up your claims with stats about your book, either sales figures or bestselling lists or awards you have received
  • Show references to facts or figures

The End And Editor's Notes

  • Make it clear where your book press release ends with a bold ‘Ends’.
  • After this add your ‘Editor’s Notes’ and contact details. 
  • Add your social media links as well so the journalist can check you out on social sharing sites

Author Press Release Tips

  1. Journalists hate lists and hard work!
  2. Use your imagination: The more work you do for them, the more attractive it is for the journalist.
  3. Grab attention, but don't send puffed-up stories or stupid gimmicks about how great your book is. Give them the real human story behind your book.

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