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As Lored attempts to investigate the truth of the charges brought against Rue, the herb woman, Tari tries to hide her insecurities and doubts behind a facade of serenity. “This is a fantastic read. The characters are all well drawn and the landscape through which the characters move is familiar and easily imaginable, yet quite magical as well.” W Thomas Lored and Tari must keep the twins' presence on the Isle of Kiros a secret, as the taku-kevir starts to question witnesses to events that...
Layla Dupriest's father was killed in a hunting accident when she was a child so, when the man who was once the love of her life, Benji Johnson, encourages her nephew to go hunting and he's hurt, she blames Ben. Months later, she can see she wasn't fair. Adam Schaefer has loved Tally Johnson, Benji's sister, since he was a teenager, but his love of flying and freedom surpassed anything that might clip his wings like a wife, monogamy, marriage, and settling down. The last thing he expected was...
When Father Michel Emeric and Dr. Ray Benson warn young widow, Kate Jacobs, of occult danger stalking her, she dismisses them as deranged fanatics. The eerie disappearance of her four-year-old daughter, Sara, changes her mind. Ray and Father Mike rescue Kate's child, but the fight has only begun.
Elek is missing and Dukker has returned. The Nydiri will not stop until not only Treyas is destroyed but the whole of the elven empire. When the palace is infiltrated, chaos ensues. Floy, the son of a visiting dignitary, becomes an unwitting pawn in Dukker's plans. Through him, Dukker captures three of the royal youth.
A desperate plea for help, written on a scroll and sent with magic, falls into the wrong hands, and with a few misplaced words, Treyas' young daughter activates the spell, sending her and her friends to a world controlled by the Albino. The Albino, not content with being dictator of only one world, now has a hostage--and one of royal pedigree--with which to extend his empire. It is up to Treyas and his companions to stop the Albino and free the world he has claimed as his own.
Attempting to escape the past can have devastating consequences... Ask Tavin Sylvain, who is trying to forget all about the abuse he suffered at the hands of the trolls six months earlier. Ask Kitiara, who would like to escape her sordid past in Kartonn, where she was known as the Princess of Pleasure. Or ask King Jansson van Tannen, who would like nothing better than to keep his family intact and not have to face the possibility of losing one of his own beloved children to fate.
Stranded after a river float trip goes horribly wrong, Brann van Tannen and his friends Tavin, Elek and Janna are caught by slave traders. To make matters worse, on board the barge are three trolls, descendants of the tribe that destroyed Mayfaire and killed Brann's grandfather. Brann will need to rely on all of the strength, wisdom and courage his father instilled in him while their lives are changed beyond wildest imagination.
Pepin reclaims his title as DragonMaster, not fully understanding the ramifications of such a move. Is his allegiance with the elves, or with Mere Odain? The announcement of his decision couldn't have come at a worse time – the Crown Prince is to leave the next day on a diplomatic visit to Dalziel.
Tormented with guilt over the happenings in the Caves of Challenge, Prince Vantann Merripen watches over his siblings with a critical, judgmental and sometimes violent scrutiny. Prince Thomlin finally rebels and accidentally sets the course for an even more dangerous adventure than the one he and his brother endured in the Caves. Swept into a land that demonizes the second-born of twins, forbids magic, and is currently being terrorized by a coven of Nydiri, the twins very survival is threatened.
Their heads filled with stories of adventures spun by their father and uncles, Princes Vantann and Thomlin Merripen decide to have an adventure of their own. Through an old book, they learn of the Caves of Challenge. If they can survive the challenges within the caves, they will emerge as men.


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