15 Questions About Social Media

Genre: Non Fiction

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Bob Hoffman, Mark Ritson, George Parker, Steve Harrison, Dave Trott, Doc Searls, Don Marti

Book Summary

#NOT a real book (Just a screed)

Does all the hype surrounding social media make sense?

Isn't it time that somebody tried to deconstruct all this bullshit?

What are social media? Are they the same websites we used to call social networks? Why did we start calling them social media?

What is social media marketing? Are companies doing it right? Does it make sense to send your website visitors to Twitter and Facebook?

Do people really want to "engage" with brands? Do companies really want to have "conversations" with their customers?

What is the value of a Facebook "like"? What is "organic reach"? What happens now that the free lunch is over?


Talking about an argument that could require days to discuss, Massimo goes straight to the point. Without fear to go against the current, he shares his clear, objective and determined opinion about social media phenomenon. You can agree with him (as often happened to me) or disagree. For sure what he writes is a good starting point for considerations and discussions. A recommended book to read.

About the Author

Starting in 2000, I have worked or consulted for a number of start-ups from more countries than I can probably remember: Germany (Ciao); France (Meetic); Italy (Ennunci); Sweden (Twingly); Italy/Ireland (Zzub); Denmark (Atosho); Spain (Ducksboard); and now Canada (Transit App).

Unenthused about banner ads from day-1, I started a blog at dotcoma.it well before it was fashionable to do so, and later wrote a Book on the web, advertising and social media:

What Happened To Advertising? What Would Gossage Do?

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