1799 Planetfall Earth: Symbiont Wars Saga (Book 1of 7)

Genre: Action Adventure, Children, Historical Thrillers, Sci-fi, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Octavia E. Butler, Becky Chambers & Phillip K. Dick

Book Summary

At least they're primates.
That was Commander Riniana Tiana's first thought when she saw the primitive--but sentient--humans of Earth.
She should be able to fit in.
After all, her own species is primatal too.
And she'd only come here to save them from invasion ...
But humans don't have tails. 
And most of them seem extremely jealous of hers!

Using the curious custom of clothing, Tiana hides her tail, passes for human and pursues the alien invaders in a desperate struggle to save an ungrateful planet.

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1799 Gregorian Calendar ...
None of Earth's sentient species know the seeds of their destruction just fell from space.

Tiana knows what duty means....
That's why all her friends are dead.
Alone on a primitive, alien world...
With all her advanced technology at the bottom of an ocean...
Outnumbered by deadly enemies only she can bring to justice...
If she fails her mission now, another world will fall...
And the Tyrant Empire will rise again.
Because Earth has just been infected with parasitic monsters.
They are called the niiaH ... by those not yet too frightened to speak of them.
Their empire has terrorized the galaxy for more than 2,000 years.

If you love to imagine there is more going on behind the scenes on Earth than most people think, this book is for you.

If you enjoyed Avatar or The Fifth Element you'll love reading this story.

If you're looking for SciFi with a strong female protagonist, this is the introduction to your new favorite series.

If you'd rather listen to it as an audiobook, keep scrolling

Warnings! Reading the first chapters with the 'Look inside' feature can lead to addictive behavior. Go ahead... we dare you.

Parts of this story contain graphic adult situations.

This book now also contains the Symbiont Wars Novelette Portal of Choice ... no charge!

If you're still reading this instead of hitting "Look Inside" It must be because you are probably thinking ... I wish this was available in an audiobook.
Well, it is. I just don't link to it on the page above because I don't make any money from audio (in the currently available business model). But if that's all you have time for I understand. You can find it on my author page ... and you can feel free to use the revolving library that is audible.
Here is the link to it for your convenience.
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Praise for the Symbiont Wars:

★★★★★ What a great find! ★★★★★
"Avatar" and "Master and Commander" combined into one.

★★★★★ First Contact Like No Other! ★★★★★
I could not believe how great this book is! I picked it because of the tail but it turned out that that wasn't the best part of the story.

★★★★★ Spellbinding! ★★★★★
I loved part 1 and part 2 was even better. More wonderful characters, people you get to know and care about. Thrilling action and heart wrenching drama. Can't wait to get the next one!

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About the Author

Chogan Swan is a subversive, wild-eyed, non-violent neoRevolutionary who lives in the country of the mind in the world of thoughts in the universe of ideas.

In this tiny corner of the space-time continuum, Chogan studied Philosophy and later collected graduate degrees in Business and Systems Engineering from a major US university renowned for its abundant alcohol consumption and passion for a particularly barbaric blood-sport. Go Hokies! :)

These studies, however, led to an interest in Systems Thinking and how to work together to save the world for everyone.

It won't be easy.
(But then what is that's worth having?)

Philosopher, poet, prophet, revolutionary--sentients in various realities have used these words to describe Chogan. Of course, the truth is in the interstices.

The motivating force for Chogan's ... 'messages in bottles' to the multiverse ...
has been succinctly captured by the words of Harlan Ellison:

"Writing is a holy chore.
... the only organism of quiet communication left to us.
In the soft moments when we huddle alone with our thoughts, we turn to words
... And there--in the moment when (sentient beings) choose to reason--we can reach them.

It is a heavy responsibility."

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