24 Love Letter Ideas: The Simple Way to Add More Romance to Your Love Life

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Every relationship has its ups and downs. No matter if yours is up or down, every relationship will benefit from a touch of unexpected romance.

In this busy world we live in, the love letter is a nearly lost art form. However, it is the easiest and least costly way to show your partner love and romance. Plus, it's quick to do!

The great news is you don't need to be an amazing writer to write an amazing letter! You just need to write from the heart. And with the ideas in 24 Love Letter Ideas, you will always have a creative way to express just how you feel right at your finger tips!

This short ebook contains ideas both modern (videos, cds, online scrapbooks) and more classic (reasons I love you lists, stories, poems). Every idea can be modified to fit your budget, and your relationship style!

There is also a free bonus! You will be given access to printable materials to dress up your letters inside the ebook itself. You won't even need to give up your email address!

So what are you getting again?
*24 ideas for letters and other small gifts to mail your partner
*a quick way to add some romance to your relationship by using these letter and gift ideas
*free printable materials to dress up these letters

I know I am always looking for ways to show my husband just how amazing, special, and awesome he is. I use letters all the time, though I mostly just give them too him which can be a great alternative to mailing! I know you will love these ideas, and that your partner will enjoy receiving these tokens of affection!


Reviewed by Tshombye K. Ware for Readers' Favorite-4 Stars

Jennifer Weiner's 24 Love Letter Ideas: The Simple Way to Add More Romance to Your Love Life (No BS Relationship Talk Book 1) is a short book of romance tips. The author has arranged 24 ideas to help spice up relationships.

The first thing I noticed about this book is the development of the ideas. Many people fail in relationships because the spark of romance goes out. In the midst of dying love, each partner seeks for ways to enhance or prevent their love from withering away. Author Jennifer Weiner has created a wonderful concise tool to reignite the flame of love. As I read through the book, I made mental notes on some of them because I plan to incorporate them into my relationship. When you find a book that speaks to you on a personal level, then it a noteworthy book. The author says: "These letters are a great way to keep the romance alive. The fact that one has taken the time to write or type up something for the one they care about means a lot. It’s also easier at times to say the sweet sappy things your partner may want or need to hear when it’s on paper."

I felt as if the author was listening to my conversation with my significant other. This statement is so true and it creates a wonderful vibe of romance. The overall feel of this book is friendly and reader-oriented. Nothing is forced. The author did the research for this. The only thing we have to do now is use the wonderful ideas provided by a talented author. I recommend this book to all couples and those seeking to add a little spice to their relationship.

About the Author

Jennifer Weiner is a published nonfiction author who also writes short stories. She has written poems since middle school, and enjoys many creative past times.

Jennifer has had many relationships- romantic, platonic and familial. Many failed, some drifted about and a few important ones still thrive today. She’s happily married to her amazing husband her supports her crazy “fictional” characters and other dreams. He’s her other half, fitting perfectly into her flaws and strong points.

Jennifer aspires to use her hard-learned lessons to help you navigate the often-uncharted waters of relationships of all types, including the one you have with yourself. She knows positive relationships enhance our lives while negative ones can destroy the very fabrics of our existence at times.

Jennifer’s current day job is as a customer service agent for a power company. She and her husband reside in Virginia, USA. When not writing or working the phones, she loves reading, designing various photo arts, playing MMORPGs, watching police/crime dramas, and daydreaming about all the best sellers in her future.

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