24 Romantic Date Night Ideas (That Won't Kill Your Budget)

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

With the demands of everyday living growing, it seems impossible to find time to spend with those who are important to us. However, in order to keep a committed relationship solid and happy, we must MAKE that time!

Relationship experts recommend we make time for our spouse or significant other by going on date nights. Most recommend we do so once a week. But coming up with 52 ideas each and every year is hard! Dinner and a movie gets boring, and expensive! What is a loving couple to do?

Never fear! This short but idea packed read will start you off with 24 inexpensive ideas for dates with your spouse that are inexpensive, fun, and romantic! Each idea can be modified to suit your relationship style or just to give it a new twist when you've used it a time or two!

You will also get links to extra ideas on the web that you can add to your arsenal. You will come away with years of date night ideas. Add a few tweaks and you could possibly come up with decades worth of ideas!

If you're struggling to keep that new love feeling, this book is for you! If you and your partner are drifting apart, this book is for you! If you're in any kind of romantic, committed relationship (or want to be!)--this book is for you!


Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite- 5 Stars

Jennifer M. Weiner's 24 Romantic Date Night Ideas That Won’t Kill Your Budget is all about how we need to stay connected with that one person we want to be with forever. With work schedules, children, friends, civic and religious responsibilities, and trying to relax, it is becoming difficult to make time for anything else. In this book the author shares 24 romantic date night ideas that will give you some time together with your loved one on a weekly basis. All relationships need nourishment and even the strongest can wither if not given enough attention. The ideas in the book can be tried out and also adapted according to what works for readers.

The ideas and tips are simple and can be practiced easily by anyone who to wants to go on a date with their loved one, either to put romance back into their relationship or add more romance to a strong relationship - this book is perfect as it gives great suggestions. The book is uplifting and encouraging and gives hope to all those lovers who are facing difficulties in putting love and romance back into their busy lives. Life is stressful nowadays and we see a lot of relationships crumbling because partners are neglected. These tips will definitely help to ease the tensions caused by a dwindling love life. All the tips are inexpensive and fun, and can be done together with your partner on a date night.

About the Author

Jennifer Weiner is a published nonfiction author who also writes short stories. She has written poems since middle school, and enjoys many creative past times.

Jennifer has had many relationships- romantic, platonic and familial. Many failed, some drifted about and a few important ones still thrive today. She’s happily married to her amazing husband her supports her crazy “fictional” characters and other dreams. He’s her other half, fitting perfectly into her flaws and strong points.

Jennifer aspires to use her hard-learned lessons to help you navigate the often-uncharted waters of relationships of all types, including the one you have with yourself. She knows positive relationships enhance our lives while negative ones can destroy the very fabrics of our existence at times.

Jennifer’s current day job is as a customer service agent for a power company. She and her husband reside in Virginia, USA. When not writing or working the phones, she loves reading, designing various photo arts, playing MMORPGs, watching police/crime dramas, and daydreaming about all the best sellers in her future.

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