54th State

Genre: Humour

For Fans Of

The evergreen 'Yes, Prime Minister'

Book Summary

A bankrupt nation and a failed space mission. The British Prime Minister, Barnaby Chamberlain, is enjoying life, until his chancellor inadvertently bankrupts the country. Angel Mendoza is captaining her last space mission before she retires, a quaint bar in New Orleans is her future, and she can't wait to start it. Macy Turner stares up at the stars from her ranch in Skagit Valley, she's not alone, the crews of a thousand ships tune into her radio station. Is it the end for Great Britain? Is the space mission doomed? Can Macy Turner save them?


54th State is another unusual, very well written satirical novel from author Ian Thompson which combines three storylines into an entertaining whole. The novel is humorous but thought provoking too. Set in the not too distant future with some very apt contemporary resonances the novel introduces a British Prime Minister, Barnaby Chamberlain, who isn't one bit fazed when asked by his assistant, "what's more important, your principles or your political future?" When he realises that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has bankrupted the country Barnaby comes up with a dramatic and life-changing solution. Meanwhile, a space mission is going dreadfully wrong and looks set for a big disaster not only for the astronauts on board. To write more would risk revealing too much of the fast moving plot. So, suffice to say I really enjoyed reading 54th State and look forward to reading more by this author. Cathy Murray - Amazon UK

About the Author

Ian Thompson is from South London, UK. To date he has three books published, EZICASH, a satirical look at Health and Safety mixed with greed, and 54th State, a mix of political intrigue, a space mission and a love story. Murder at the Jolly Jester is now available, a dozy mystery of truly un-epic proportions featuring an impossible murder, an idiot of a protagonist and a cast of suspects, all set in a Kent village. All are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, I Books and Google Play.

Whilst currently writing humorous books, he has a love of fantasy and expects to complete a book or two in that genre as well, although humorous fantasy seems inevitable. If you fancy a taster of his writing, look up fantasyspoof.com for a satirical look at fantasy, or planettommo.com for more musings.

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