7 Surprising Ingredients for a Healthier Life

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

7 Surprising Ingredients for a Healthier Life from the International Vegetarian Cuisine

by Adrian V. Proca

This cookbook is meant for beginners as well as old vegetarians. It contains super easy recipes any individual can understand and recreate, in a familiar and easy English language.

No super-cooking skills are necessary in order to cook delicious and nutritious meals for you and your entire family. Discover the delightful and vigorous Kohlrabi, Celeriac, Okra and Eggplant, as well as the healthy and versatile grains: Amaranth, Millet and Chickpeas, in ever-surprising and delicious blends. Play with the ingredients, play with the colors and play with the tastes to indulge your gourmand self and your family and friends.

Based on the recipes you will find inside this book, you will be able to cook and eat healthier food than ever before. With the seven surprising ingredients, carefully selected to meet even the most capricious tastes, your life will find the enrichment and stamina it lacked.

The present book is Volume 1 from a series of 2 cookbooks dedicated entirely to a vegetarian diet.

These are recipes with a pinch of love!


About the Author

Adrian V. Proca is an enthusiastic nature scholar and passionate adventurer. His homeland, Romania, offers a wide variety of activities like mountaineering, fishing, hunting, bird watching and so on that is very attractive for the tourists, as well as for the locals.
Adrian is a botanist by profession and in this capacity he has traveled intensively, mostly across his country, but also across the European continent.
Hobbies: observing nature, rock climbing, fishing, trekking, writing.
His favorite quote is: “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience,” by R. W. Emerson

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