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Ready to give your child a head start in learning? My Learning Workbook Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten: Unicorns! Encourage your children to Learn to LOVE Learning through this fun-filled activity workbook! This Alphabet Learning Unicorn Workbook supports Preschool children learning letters and shapes while also reinforcing reading skills learned in Kindergarten. TYPES OF ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:
Lieutenant-Colonel Grant Sievers oversees the mouth of Kettle Creek during the war of 1812. Hundreds of miles from civilization he fights not only the Americans but disease, starvation and hostile Indians. It isn’t until after the war when he is injured. The doctor tells him that he will never walk again.
If you want to discover the captivating history of ancient Asia, then keep reading... In the first part of this book, you will be led on a journey through almost 2,000 years of Chinese history, showing you all the ups and downs of those ancient times, the sufferings and joys of the Chinese people, along with their greatest achievements and failures.
Life is a colourful magic Enticing, alluring, tantalising and exciting every word, every sentence, and every paragraph are person centric Bed dolls tell about physio-chemical nature of Outer sphere of human beings but It exposes the loneliness and emptiness at Personal level Life is a colourful magic Karma centric Do good, get good Your face and body will become old But your soul will ever remain young Be human, shun ego
Cynthia takes us to the happenings of Casting Couch. Cynthia is a woman of a new generation; she never hides her sexual desires but never falls in a wrong trap. She is a happy-go-lucky girl, beautiful, who ignites the fire in lookers. Cynthia looks beautiful adorable and cuddle-some in street but in bed she is……… Sex is an important part of human life. Passions that lurk within us remain hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy get exposed under tempting situations.
Time is made out of threads. Pull one and someplace somewhere things unravel. We know how to pull on the right thread because we see the whole tapestry of life’s possibilities. That’s why we are so good at finding a good path into a future. I say a future because there is no such thing as the future.
Brad Ramsey's second book, The Flower's Celandine, is a collection of pastiches of various lesser poems from the English canon, in which the relationship between the narrator and a prostitute is followed.
Sometimes routine wasn’t always routine as Sheriff JD Pickens, and his deputies learned. What was supposed to be a routine 911 call ended up costing Pickens a deputy and turned out to be a double homicide. One that was outside the realm of humanity. Pickens was forced to divide his team and call for help from two retired homicide detectives. Not since a psychopath went on the warpath with a shotgun had there been such bloodshed in the county leaving scars that would last a long time.
Mysterious marina accidents. Destroyed evidence. Can a tenacious reporter decipher the twisted clues at a small-town lake? Jordan Reed is burned out from all the attention on her previous high-profile story. But when a new lead lands in her lap, she reluctantly postpones her vacation to investigate a classic New England marina. With hundreds of dead fish washing up on Copper Lake’s otherwise pristine shores, Jordan suspects a sinister cover-up.
Strange symptoms. Bloody secrets. Can one reporter solve a medical mystery before she ends up in a body bag? Jordan Reed put her world on hold to hunt down corruption. So when the gutsy journalist gets tipped off about blood money changing hands at a pharmaceutical factory, she dives into the story. With an otherwise healthy worker dropping dead of multiple organ failure, Jordan suspects something far more sinister than a simple accident…


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