A Dragon's Tale

Genre: Children, Fantasy, General Fiction, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Oscar Wilde, Hans Christian Andersen, Voltaire and The Brothers Grimm

Book Summary

In the Kingdom of Gaia, a dragon turns out to be a true friend when he helps the people resolve an ogre problem. But he soon finds that humans can be very fickle, and not as nice as they seem to be. Can they really learn to live in peace?

With echoes of Hans Christian Andersen and Voltaire, this short story about dragons and knights will both entertain and stimulate young, thoughtful readers.


Dragons. Mighty creatures present in every archaic culture, always in balance between Good and Evil. As my father used to sing "Puff the magic dragon" as a lullaby, I loved dragons. So I am fond of the protagonist of this tale. He is more human than humans, he is the allegory of Wisdom, evoking all the good sentiments mankind should treasure. He teaches kids and reminds adults what grannies used to tell in those gratifying times they shared old good sense with grandchildren on their knees. Everybody should sit on this dragon's tail and meditate about a better society, in order to look into their kids' eyes without feeling guilty. A sensitive, witty, entertaining tale.
- Margreta Moss

About the Author

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