A Knight's Conquest

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Summary

Wounded at The Battle of Hastings, Grand Master Knight Lucas was unable to ride with William of Normandy to claim the throne of England. Instead, he and his knights were ordered to remain and seize Saxon territories. Lucas led his knights into a charge to Sussex and overthrew Alford Castle.
Her father, killed defending his home against the Norman invaders, his daughter Angelica became Lady of the Castle. She willfully defied Lucas' commands; the two of them nearly coming to blows.
In his attempt to make the lady submit to his will, Lucas fell in love with her. Not long after, Angelica reciprocated that love.
Despite their glaring differences, the constant fight for dominance, the tragedies and heartaches they suffered, their love for one another remained strong.

About the Author

Writing is who I am; not what I do! I knew it from the time I was six years old. I've written and self-published over sixteen vampire/paranormal books, a few romantic and two gay/erotic novels.
Presently, I am working on historical romances. My newest release is A Knight's Conquest.
I was born and raised in Philadelphia, have four grown sons and three wonderful, furry cats.
I reside, still, in Philly with my husband and three furry sons: Tiberius, Tobias and Todd.

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