A Mother's Unreason (The Misrule: Book Two)Andy Graham

Genre: Action Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers, Dystopian and Futuristic, Sci-fi, Suspense Thrillers

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Mark Lawrence Hugh Howey GRRM Margaret Atwood Suzanne Collins Veronica Roth

Book Summary

In the midst of a country sliding into chaos, one mother struggles to stop her two surviving children from killing each other.

Ray Franklin is on the run, chased by government forces and haunted by his past. The vice-president, a man determined to gain complete power at any cost, is directing that hunt. From a nail-biting chase through the depths of the Weeping Wood to a maze of half-forgotten tunnels under the capital city, Ray is slowly drawn into a trap and forced to face up to a painful truth. Meanwhile, Rose Franklin is desperate to save both her children before the country of Ailan slides into anarchy.

Set in a future world based on our 21st century, A Mother's Unreason is Book Two of The Misrule. Part political thriller, part dystopian fiction, part sci-fi action novel, it is a dark, morally ambiguous tale from British author Andy Graham that will appeal to readers who enjoy books such as the Wool Trilogy, The Hunger Games, Divergent and novels by Mark Lawrence.

Can Rose Franklin right the wrongs in her own past to save her family’s future? Download now to find out.


"Action packed and intriguing." 5 Stars. G. Powell. Amazon US

About the Author

Andy Graham is a British author currently living in the Czech Republic who will now stop talking about himself in the third person because it's odd.

I have two main collections of books: The Misrule is a series of dystopian political thrillers set in an alternate world based on life in 21st century EU/ US. I also have an expanding collection of dark fiction tales that explore the creepier side of life, death and the undead.

There are a few unfinished stories rattling around in my hard-drive and some unstarted ones knocking around in my head. They range from disposable airport fiction and YA sci fi to grimdark epics, but they will have to wait their turn. (Unfortunately for my wife, who is waiting for me to write something 'nice', preferably with sparkly vampires.)

Outside of reading and writing, I'm a musician, qualified osteopath, seasoned insomniac, and father to two young kids who have too much energy to let me grow old gracefully.

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