A Murderous Act in Iraq

Genre: Action Adventure

For Fans Of

Fredrick Forsythe, Robert Harris, Tom Clancy, David Baldacci

Book Summary

"I immediately spotted the Learjet. Its lights were on inside. It was roughly about three hundred yards away, across a stretch of sandy concrete on which light blazed down like a thousand suns. I felt a ripple of alarm. Now why was the Learjet parked so far away, especially when there was plenty of space much closer to the terminal building.....?"

It is impossible to describe this book without giving away the plot. Nor is it possible to describe the content, for that might seriously interfere with your enjoyment of the roller-coaster ride upon which you are about to embark. No, a somewhat oblique approach is needed to give you, the reader, some flavour of this narrative.

"All power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (Lord Acton 1834-1902). History is a frequent witness to this simple truth. But what if someone is corrupted even before they have acquired power? If they were born with their brain wired up differently, completely bypassing available connections to the repositories of basic human traits such as understanding and empathy, pity and mercy, guilt and remorse, kindness and generosity? Do we have a name for such a creature? Yes, we do. A psychopath. Someone who will never hesitate for even a moment in their pursuit of power, self gratification and self aggrandisement. Someone who is utterly ruthless and cold-blooded in every way. And there are many in society. You probably passed a half-dozen on your way to work today. They are reported to particularly thrive in corporate environments and the legal profession. Determined and single-minded, their vaulting ambition invites fear and awe. But this is not as alarming as it may first appear. Because by and large society and its conventions manage to keep psychopaths at least somewhat under control. And then again, there are degrees to which someone may be psychopathic. Indeed, many regard some degree of psychopathy as desirable, for it provides a spur to significant achievement of any kind.

However, what if a psychopath at the worst extreme end of the spectrum had virtually nothing to fear, and hardly any consideration to keep him under control? If he had power of life and death over any of those whom he drove past in his armour-plated car? So, in this book, are we then talking about Saddam Hussein in terms of what happened in Iraq? Are we really? The answer to this question may surprise you. So prepare yourself to be surprised……be very surprised.

The first book in this series, An Unlawful Act In Libya, is also available from Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.

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About the Author

A writer who has had many stories published in the women's weekly magazines and literary journals, John was drawn to writing at an early age. At one time in his teenage years he was reading one book a day---the subject didn't matter, but it needed to grab his interest in the first couple of pages, or he would abandon it. And this is the rule he has since applied to all his writing, believing that if you haven't grabbed the reader straight away, you are not writing well enough.. After graduating with an Honors Degree in History he spent many years in academic publishing, at last leaving to pursue his long-held dream of becoming a writer. "Easily among the very best new writers we have seen", "fresh and original", "creates life-like characters---maybe too life-like" (whatever that means!), are some of the comments made by literary reviewers and consultants about his work. His Wacky/Scary Stories Series featuring female protagonists and twist/surprise endings was bought by a Russian publisher for use as English Language Teaching (ELT) material. However, when they were released, such was their popularity that quite apart from their use as ELT material, the series became a favourite with Russian readers for its sheer quality and uniqueness as a literary form in its own right. John was reliably informed by one of the translators that at one time the books were at the top of the bestseller list at the best bookshop in Moscow!
John's favorite band is The Moody Blues.

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