A New Life: The Chronicles of the Reverie Novella 1

Genre: Action Adventure, Romance, Sci-fi, Young Adult

Book Summary

Curiosity. A Journey. Misfortune.
Anastari had always wondered what lay beyond the borders of Sorsani. She yearned to see the places her new husband Blorzen told her about for herself and wanted to explore the other regions. Blorzen is just as eager to explore Rendal but was unsure about its people. With their prearranged lives as land owners set to start as soon as the celebration was over, they plan their trip and leave the farm.
As expected they encounter predators and exhaustion along the way, but see amazing landscapes and machines more advanced than anything in Sorsani. Soon frigid temperatures and elusive shelter hinder their journey. They continue north into the next region, headed towards a city that could hold treasures or tragedy. Will they survive and make it back home?
A New Life is the first novella in the Chronicles of the Reverie. If you like discovering new worlds, clean romances and action packed journeys then you'll love this sci-fi adventure by Natomi Karkael.
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About the Author

Natomi Karkael is the daughter of Nigerian immigrants and lives in metro-Atlanta. The most important things in her life are her faith, family and friends. Elements of these appear in her writing through the characters and the events that happen to them. Natomi enjoys stories of all genres although most of them are science fiction or fantasy. Her stories are similar to the stories she enjoys: dramas with laughter and heartache, triumphs and failures. Natomi’s stories won’t have any graphic sexual scenes or profanity. They do have violence, but every violent act has a purpose.

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