A None's Inner Peace

Genre: Non Fiction

For Fans Of

Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Hemant Mehta, Christopher Hitchens,

Book Summary

Author and illustrator Jeff Stilwell follows up his seminal work Here and Now: A Whimsical Take on God with this collection of illustrations about how to live the good life.

Whether for a daily chuckle, or used as meditation pieces, Stilwell's fans agree that his comics act as visual parables. Viewers are able to explore their own lives more deeply when encountering his thoughts.

These charming illustrations are cute and adorable on the surface. But take a moment to meditate on the deeper meaning and you might find yourself driving down a heretofore unvisited road in your mind, leading you to greater self-awareness. That's the beauty of these little gems.

About the Author

Jeff Stilwell excels at the unexpected.

Not content with his midwestern roots, he found ways on the cheap to explore the wider world including selling gummy bears in high school to visit the Alps of southern Germany. To pay for college, he worked a slime line as a head chopper in the clammy tundra of Alaska.

His thirst for adventure next took him to Asia where he studied the martial arts and Asian philosophy while exploring exotic locales such as the Himalayas and the lands of Lord Jim, even surviving a squall in the Gulf of Siam.

Attracted to strong women lifelong, he met and wooed his wife, jewelry designer Manya Vee there, winning her heart by following her to Java. Upon returning to the States, they founded an art gallery just north of Seattle. She taught him to gallop bareback at the family farm in the storied Yakima Valley, the inspiration for his first novel Fighting for Eden.

His flair for the dramatic led him to write and stage fifteen plays in and around the Seattle theatre scene. His works earned numerous laurels such as "an intense dramatic comedy you don't want to miss...an uninterrupted 90-minute power pack with something to say," for his One Tile Short and "a trip and a half in a little more than a hour and a half through an Alice-like wonderland and a half; ground-breaking in ways more than one," for his Teacup Tipsy. (The Enterprise Newspapers, Dale Burrows)

Too restless, however, to merely sit behind a computer, he recently completed a solitary 750 mile hike from Stevens Pass in Western Washington to end, a Biblical sounding forty days later, at Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Once upon a time, he even ran for Congress. If it's big, Stilwell has dreamt it, attempted it, or achieved it.

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