Genre: Children

Book Summary

A Place for Starr follows 'Starr', a very brave girl and her family as they break the cycle of violence and leave an abusive home. This healing story helps children understand that family violence is not their fault, and they can tell adults or friends about their plight. Through Starr, children learn that there are other families just like theirs that suffer from abuse.

This book is an essential therapeutic tool to be used with children who, like Starr and her brother, experience family violence. It is also an educational tool to be used by teachers, counselors and parents to help all children and teenagers understand this vicious cycle and that their awareness can be part of the solution.

People of all ages, genders, religions and races will appreciate the beautiful art, the memorable story, and the enduring message of hope and courage. The book takes you on a journey that is all too prevalent. The cycle of violence in homes with abusers usually remains unbroken until the abused parent has the courage and support to get the family to safety.

The purpose of "A Place for Starr" is to support and encourage victims to speak out and to ask witnesses to domestic abuse to take positive action and help bring an end to it.

A Place For Starr is available in Kindle and Paperback.


“An essential therapeutic tool for children who have experienced family violence.”
“A truthful, inspiring, compassionate, and comforting story.”
“A memorable story of hope.”

Susan Sarandon, actor and domestic violence activist, voiced her support for our book calling it: “A work of art! Vivid colors, energetic movement, and poetic beauty combine to create a wonderful book about a little girls whose mother finds the courage to leave her abuser.”

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About the Author

Howard Schor is a poet, essayist, screenwriter and playwright. He is currently working on his autobiography "A Renaissance Fella" while developing the independent feature film, "A Stone In The Water", to be shot in the Pacific Northwest. He is the author of A Place For Starr, illustrated by his wife, Mary Kilpatrick. Both Howard and Mary were co-founders of the highly successful non-profit children's theater in Bend Oregon: BEAT. For more information about Howard and Mary's work, please visit www.aplaceforstarr.com

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