A Presidential Aberration

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

A Presidential Aberration (second printing)
Donald Trump, the first billionaire to live in government housing, vacated by an African-American family.
What happens when the American voters decide to try something different for a change and elect a ‘business’ man with no political background? A man whose first love is for himself and then to his money; who lies as easily as breathing, thrives on chaos and is incapable of assuming responsibility. Sounds like a slide down the rabbit hole but is actually a divisive presidential aberration slowly poisoning America. Filled with facts and history while focusing on real people whose lives are being upended, multiply that by 50 states then ask yourself, “How much more damage can this country withstand?”
Terri O’Rorke is a fiercely proud Independent who has no use for party affiliation. She’d rather do her homework and vote for the individual person, regardless of party. She has dabbled in civic duty throughout the years holding various town offices.
A Presidential Aberration now in its second printing with revised and updated material, brings to the forefront the anxieties, concerns, and fears of people who may or may not be negatively affected by executive orders and policies being put forth by a stunningly chaotic, inept, and constantly changing administration. While the subject matter is serious, there is certainly room (and the need for) an equal mix of light sarcasm and comic relief in this book.
It is the author’s hope that people become educated about current events occurring in this nation and then go VOTE!

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