A Question of Power #2The Fire Chronicles

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Lord of the Rings, the Shannara Chronicles

Book Summary

"Original in concept and delightful in style"-GoodbooksToday

Some die for love......or power. Would you?

This is the burning question which must be answered.

The Lord of Fire's adventures continue, as he takes the helm of the Alliance between humankind and his own Gaian clan.
Newly elected as governor of Baram, entrusted by title to fulfil ancient prophecy as Supreme Protector of both races, Luminor sends his most promising young warrior Xandor to search for other lost Gaians and bring them to safety.
Xandor's mission takes unexpected turns, as he also searches for his betrothed, and his sense of duty and honour are tested to the limit.
Meanwhile, a terrible threat looms, a challenge to Luminor's birthright, and to save all his people from its dark magic, he must take the battle to a foreign land, playing into the hands of a power-mad adversary.
Luminor's unique ability to control the Four Fires, courage and love are on his side, but will it be enough to settle the question of power once and for all........
Or will he die trying?


"A Question of Power" does not lose anything by being the second in the series, as the book begins with a map and a simplified guide to Gaian Philosophy. This is done in a way that would catch any reader up if it had been a while since reading the first book, or if the reader missed the first in the series entirely. Luckily, this story is strong on its own, though the audience will yearn for the next in the series after coming to the end. Vividly detailed settings entwine with intricately developed cultures to create an exceptionally immersive reading experience. The characters all remain believable while incredible creatures inhabit this world right alongside such layered and developed inhabitants that any reader will feel like they know all of these characters personally.

Susi Wright has managed to create a world where love can mingle with politics and come out with a character fighting to reclaim his destiny. "A Question of Power" adds to the lore of The Fire Chronicles in a way that strengthens the entire series and keeps the reader wanting more. Gorgeous artwork is placed throughout, and adds to the feeling of history and passion within. This tale of battle and birthright is gripping from the very first page, and so Susi Wright's A Question of Power comes highly recommended for purchase. This would be a perfect addition to the collection of any avid fantasy reader."-Goodbookstoday

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About the Author

Susi was born and educated in England majoring in literature, languages and art. She is an avid fan of fantasy fiction and movies and an animal lover. She emmigrated to Australia and worked as a professional animal artist for many years and now writes in southern Queensland.

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