A Rambling Wanderer's Tale

Genre: Poetry

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Spoken Word Poetry

Book Summary

A Rambling Wanderer's Tale is a collection of poems examining the roller coaster of emotions spawned by anxiety, depression, love, revolution, heartbreak and acceptance. These poems were written from 2009-2011, and some of the pieces in this book have been revised from Marrero's one act play Stop & Smell the Roses. This edition has a special poem written in 2015.

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About the Author

Kent Marrero (They/Them) is a Latinx, Queer/Non-Binary writer born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They transformed into Diaspora when they were transplanted onto the mainland and have lived in Florida ever since. Before coming out as Transgender, Kent wrote The River - The Unsung Love Story and published a book of poems initially released through Lulu.com under their birth name. Shortly after that, they took a break from writing, leaving the series unfinished. Today Kent continues writing under their chosen name with a focus on LGBTQ+ intersectional characters for Young Adult audiences. They deliberately do this as a way to increase authentic representation for the next generation. Kent's style usually has a hint of well-placed humor that diffuses tension without sacrificing the serious undertones their pieces attempt to explore. If you like the humor style of Dear White People, you will love their work. Read more about the author at KentWritesStuff.com.

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