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Suppose you wake up one morning to find yourself dead. You can see yourself clearly in the mirror, and feel the same as you did the day before. But today is the day of your funeral. What do you do? This was Henry’s dilemma. Henry decides he can’t possibly be dead, so he sets out to prove he is alive. Then, he discovers that Rita, a product demonstrator at the supermarket, can see him. Even with the help of Rita, proving you’re not dead was harder than Henry imagined, but when Henry discovered...
This is the first novel of a four part series. This series will cover the life of a fictional serial killer from birth to adulthood and take the reader inside of the killer's inner most thoughts and desires. This will will make you both hate and empathize with the main charter. In the fourth and final book, the ending will leave you with your jaw dropped asking yourself "How did that happen?" Feel free to read the book if you dare. You may never be the same again.
When ambitious British journalist Jack Steele travels to the Russian Far East to investigate the mysterious disappearance of two UN officials, he becomes embroiled in a secret, international military and political conspiracy to destroy a North Korean nuclear reactor along with several thousand innocent North Korean religious prisoners.
oh, what a tangled web is a fictional account following the actions of a serial killer, preying on victims involved in the sex trade in the seedy strip clubs and escort services of San Francisco. The book follows the complex chain of events that explores the interconnectivity of the sex trade, S&M, organized crime and prostitution. The plot also references some of the horrific events that our world sees today.
In the Kingdom of Gaia, a dragon turns out to be a true friend when he helps the people resolve an ogre problem. But he soon finds that humans can be very fickle, and not as nice as they seem to be. Can they really learn to live in peace? With echoes of Hans Christian Andersen and Voltaire, this short story about dragons and knights will both entertain and stimulate young, thoughtful readers.
Josh  My packs been pressured to find a mate, so I devised a plan. I’m heading into the big city with my twin Alfie for six months. With my looks and brains, we'll bag one in a month and spend the rest of the time enjoying ourselves. What could possibly go wrong?
The author has written this book specifically to help school districts approach Science. The book is geared for teachers and school districts, and perfectly fits the modern study and approach to make teaching science fun and more interesting than ever before.
This book serves as a memoir for the author whose traumatic past and her subsequent struggles to achieve normalcy in her life, has made her the person she is today. It was during these dark times that she discovered who she was and what she needed to do to change her fate. Reading this will show its readers that no matter how dark or painful the times may be, there is always a way to climb out of the worst circumstances and be free.
The book written by R. B. Michaels is one of the most awaited fictional writings of the year. With the release of the book, the readers would come to know a world that had every possible creature living in it. This fantasy is only in thoughts and imaginations, but this book brings it to life. The story will feature a wizard and knight coexisting to fight evil, but the twist occurs when they have to look for those two individuals after the successful war that happened centuries ago.
Lightning Strikes Twice is an action-packed detective story full of mystery, suspense, wit and twists. When a kidnapping occurs at the Michaels’ home for the second time in two years, total chaos ensues.


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