A Silence in the Heart

Genre: Children, Romance

For Fans Of

Kristen Hannah, Karen Kingsbury, Deb Clopton, Linda Goodnight, Staci Stallings, Deb Rainey, Rachel Hauch, Susan May Warren, Robin Lee Hatcher

Book Summary

Can a handsome veterinarian, a lonely boy and an injured kitten break down the walls of Tracy’s guarded heart?

Her alcoholic mother and unfaithful boyfriend taught Tracy Harris that life was easier if you kept your heart safe and secure. So her plans for her life are simple. A house on the lake, a milk cow, a dog and a clothes-line. She is close to achieving that simple dream. Then a young boy named Kent wanders into he vet clinic holding an injured kitten. Upon discovering that his broken home life is too similar to hers she is determined to help him.

Opening her heart to a brighter future.

When veterinarian David Braun lost his fiancee to cancer he thought he could never love again. Until he met Tracy. But she keeps him at arm’s length with her prickly demeanour. However David discovers another side to her when he sees her with Kent and his kitten. He too wants to help Kent and Tracy reluctantly agrees to his intervention.

As they work together they grow closer and Tracy starts to think she might have a chance at love and a new life with David and with Kent. But, as if on cue, her mother comes stumbling back into her life and Tracy’s involvement with Kent puts the dream of her own place in jeopardy.

Can Tracy and David put aside their own needs and make the right choice for Kent and themselves?

A Silence in the Heart is a sweet romance about loss and forgiveness and hard choices.


In A Silence of the Heart David Braun, the new vet partner in the clinic where Tracy Harris works is a good Christian man and described as loyal to his ideals and friends.

Tracy has a hard time opening to people and after a bad experience with her last boyfriend, she is very reluctant to trust another man. She comes from an abusive background where she lived with her alcoholic mother and was often left alone when a child and although a Christian she struggles with her feelings for her mother.

From Jane Jones
Amazon reviewer
Tracy finds a young boy behind the vet clinic one morning with an injured cat and soon realizes that he is in a situation similar to the one she grew up with. She does the right thing and calls protective services and must accept the hard choices that are forced upon her and find her way back to David and the peace she finds in giving her problems to God.

The emotions are presented for both Tracy and David as they struggle to find a way to accept the things they cannot change and the strength to change for the better when they have a choice. I enjoyed this book first because of the emotional presentation of the characters facing difficult but everyday problems and because it was a good clean story too.

About the Author

I am a multi-published author with over 1.5 million copies of my books in print. I've only recently taken a step into the indie-publishing world and loving it. I write sweet/inspirational romance because I love happy ever afters.

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