A Sketch of What You Mean to Me

Genre: Romance, Young Adult

For Fans Of

John Green Nicholas Sparks Jojo Moyes

Book Summary

Can true love really conquer anything?

Kevin, a popular high school senior, thought that love only occurred to someone who didn’t know how to have fun in life. Just as Fiona completely convinces him otherwise, Kevin gets diagnosed with cancer, which he sees as a death sentence. He breaks up with Fiona to spare her the pain and she leaves for college without knowing the true reason behind the breakup. Now Kevin needs two miracles. One that makes him survive and one to undo the biggest mistake of his life.

Read this contemporary romance novel by S. L. Giger and find out whether it’s as moving as ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green.


What started as a sweet first-love romance, turns into something much deeper, warmer and intenser.
I really loved the way the story and the characters evolved.
I think this is one of those stories that stay with me for a long time!
5 stars!

My favorite character: Lucy! I think I'll remember her the most.
Nice to read all those traveling adventures of Fiona. Especially the ones about the places I've been to myself. ;)


I liked the book overall. It already started off good but I think it really developed and improved the further I read. At the beginning the reader kinda got the feeling that it's another romantic teenage novel (which isn't intended to sound dismissive, I love a good romantic teenage novel :) but the more I read along the deeper the story became and the whole story kinda shifted around and turned into something more. So I really like that.
I also liked the characters and dialogues they had. They felt authentic and I bought the flow of conversation they had.

About the Author

Seraina Linda Giger grew up in Gossau, SG in Switzerland and attended school there all the way through her master’s degree in becoming a high school teacher. With 16, she was able to spend an awesome exchange year in Rhinebeck, New York, where her love for the English language fully broke out. Since then, she always writes in English and later translates her books into German.
S. L. Giger loves travelling, salsa dancing, surfing, scuba diving and chocolate. At the moment, she really enjoys living in Zurich, since she has nice students, it’s beautiful in the summertime, there is a lot of chocolate and it’s only a 7min train ride from the airport ;)

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