A Tangled Web

Genre: Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller

Book Summary

Threats loom and a long-hidden secret is at risk of being uncovered as a man and a woman locked in an unwanted marriage find themselves embroiled in a tangle of destructive webs.

Neither of them had expected this.

Tess Andrews needed to disappear. Ian Blackwell wanted the gossip chasers to stop disrupting his life. When the two of them said yes, neither had any idea who the other was, and they had nothing for each other but disdain and mistrust.

But when Ian is threatened, Tess has a choice to make. Keep her head down, or help the man she married face an opponent who could destroy them both-and risk him discovering her secret.

A Tangled Web is the first novel in the new Blackwell romantic suspense series from the author of the groundbreaking Oracle suspense series and of The First, her riveting debut novel.

About the Author

A suspense and romantic suspense author with a love of knowledge and a lively imagination that made writing the natural thing for me to do. I'm the author of the Oracle suspense series and the Blackwell romantic suspense series and also a stand-alone suspense novel called The First.

Right now I'm working on my next book in the Oracle series with the help of my two hyperactive cats and a laptop named Stanley Jr.

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