A Time For Penance

Genre: Suspense Thrillers

For Fans Of

Paula Hawkins, Gillian Flynn

Book Summary

She murdered her husband.Now she has a chance to undo her crime.

For 20 years, wealthy socialite Eva Dennehy has borne the guilt of murdering her first husband Charlie, who was planning to leave her for his mistress.

When Eva is offered the opportunity to travel back in time, and undo her crime as penance, she accepts – what does she have to lose? Back in her old life with Charlie, her passion for him surpassed only by her torment at his infidelity, she is more determined than ever to prevent him from leaving her.

But her plan plunges her into a world of crime and depravity, and she soon discovers she has even more to lose this time around.

This taut, gritty novel about jealousy, betrayal and the dark side of love will appeal to fans of suspense, crime and modern noir.


'This is the second Robin Storey book I've enjoyed. We all have heard people say, "if I could go back...", but what would really change if you did?' Dragon Link.

'This was a fast-paced exciting story offering a lot of opportunity to explore the nature of guilt and its concomitant tonic, redemption.' Alison Quigley.

'Love this book - especially the mystical leaning against the very normal backdrop.' Pamela Mariko.

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About the Author

Robin Storey is an indie author from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. She is the author of 6 books so far, most in the crime/suspense genre, with many more to come. She is a certified book nerd, and when she is not writing or reading, she recharges her creative batteries by hiking and chilling out at the beach.

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