Genre: General Fiction

Book Summary

Bert Yellow was running a noodle shop with his wife and son in a foreign country. Life was simple and happy until the people from the food and hygiene department paid him a surprise visit. Bolak Brown had a grocery store and was living happily with his family in a foreign land, until the police raided his shop and found a package of drugs. Lander Gray was working in a big corporation with his friends in another country and life was promising, until an experiment went wrong and alerted his neighbors.

Gio Mixen survived decapitation at the hands of a ruthless terrorist group and worked in a grocery store as an illegal worker. He found freedom when he managed to save the life of the shop owner's son during an unexpected incident. Osh Black, an orphan and former child soldier, was happily working in the Far East as a merchant, until police raided his guesthouse and wrongly arrested him along with drug dealers.Carol White had a difficult upbringing, was raised by her granny, and was happily working in an animal sanctuary in Africa until the warlord from a nearby village came knocking on her door.

This is the story of six different colored birds who all experience similar problems while living in a foreign land. What was common between them? One word -discrimination! Sound familiar? If you like reading about the realities of this world, this is the right book for you!

TIM I GURUNG is an author working on 15th book based in Hong Kong, he writes on serious global and social issues, and only writes for his charity - ISSLCARE.

About the Author

I am a Hong Kong based author working on my 15th book, write on serious global and social issues and only write for my charity - ISSLCARE

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