A Trip to the Outhouse (The Camp Series Book 2) (Tales from the Mountain)

Genre: General Fiction, Horror, Short Stories, Young Adult

Book Summary

On the mountain, children are not any more safe than adults. Sometimes, a fabled monster turns out to be real. Other times, something completely unexpected will happen. And when your parents do not believe in something, you can't change what might happen.

Children learn young to be strong but they are still afraid, wondering if they'll be the next to disappear. The next child the mountain folks search for during the day, and cry for at night.

In part 2 of The Camp Series, Jessica tells of her biggest fear while visiting the family camp up on the mountain, explaining her emotions and thoughts as the story unfolds.

About the Author

I love writing almost as much as I love my family. I have two amazing young adult daughters, and am Maymay to a very important Little Man and his new sister, Little Miss! My family is everything to me, and I spend as much time as possible with them.

Author of the Tales from the Woods, Tales from the Mountain, and Tales of Magick series, I love to write in different genres. I met an important goal in 2018, publishing 11 short stories before December. Let's see what I can do in 2015!

During my down time, I like taking pictures, walking, watching movies, and reading. And I enjoy mornings at the cafe up the road, where I regularly work on any of a myriad of projects. I definitely like to stay busy with one thing or another.

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