A Work Through Me

Genre: Christian

Book Summary

It's amazing what can be learned from an ECONOMIC MELTDOWN. It's not always about money issues. It's the spiritual lessons from God about life after the money is gone. Join Author Jeff Todd in his 5-year faith walk with Jesus. With only a laptop, Bible and the internet, his simple minded passion for learning God's Word has turned into a ministry to lead others to Him and help other Christians grow. Who would have thought that a small prayer for the Lord to have full control of his life would turn into a work of faith? This is God's work... through him.

A Work Through Me is considered a devotional for the simple man. We hope it's a blessing to you.

About the Author

Hey! My name is Jeff Todd. I am the author/illustrator of A Redneck's Guide series that includes over 30 titles. These are available in print, e-book and audio formats. My wife, Frances, and I have been married since 1989 and we live in Newnan, Georgia. We have 4 children and 2 awesome granddaughters.

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