'Accidental Damage'

Genre: General Fiction, Humour

Book Summary

If you thinks the normal school run on a Monday is entertaining you should try doing it from a tent in your back garden surrounded by the jumbled up contents of your entire home. It is vastly more diverting.

Our heroine has survived the sudden collapse of her home - or has she?

Certain events two and a half years ago led her to deliberately destroy an important piece of herself, hiding away all remaining evidence that it ever existed. What happens when she decides to go looking for it?

Does she really deserve to be whole again?

Inspired by a true story this is an account of one woman's secret guilt and her journey in search of forgiveness!


Trace Ford from The Reading Shed said: 'I sat up in bed in order to read only a couple of chapters of this book. I really was that engrossed in the story that I found I had actually read the whole thing in one sitting.
This is a great page turner, one which had me shaking my head in disbelief at what was actually happening as I read the words in front of me. I smiled but I also gasped. Boy things have been tough!!
This is a story full of loyalty, love and the true meaning of family values.
The added extras at the back of the book are a lovely touch which made my smile even broader. "Comforting recipes" several of which I will be baking and I love the sound of "Catch for Ruffians" too.'

Caroline Walshaw of Independent Usborne Books said: 'Pull up a chair Alice has quite a story to tell... This is a story that will stay with you long after you finish reading it. We take for granted the security of the roof over our heads and the walls that protect us but suddenly for the heroine of this book, that certainty collapses an she must embark on a journey to save herself and ultimately, herself.
A story with love and family bonds at its heart, the narrative demands that you listen, like a dear friend which a thrilling story to share.
It made me cry and laugh out loud and more than once exclaim, "No way!"
A magnificent debut and I hope to read more of Alice's stories in the future.'

About the Author

I am the author of 'Accidental Damage' Book 1 in the 'Tales from the house that sat down' series. Available from Amazon .co.uk. This is my first novel as an independent author. I am currently writing the sequel.
I am a 45 year old working mother with four not-so-small children and I am married to (probably) the most patient man on the planet. We live in what used to be a ramshackle old cottage in the country.
Accidental Damage is inspired by true life events.

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