Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout

Genre: Humour, Mystery

For Fans Of

Encyclopedia Brown (if he grew up and hated being a detective)

Book Summary

In the small town of Hilldale, crime feared the name of eleven year-old, Adam Parker and his friends at The Parker Detective Agency. No job too small, no crime too large. Then Adam became a teenager. Being a kid detective was all Adam knew until he hit High School and he wanted to be cool more than he wanted to solve crime. He turned his back on the agency and his best friend, Kevin, and the girl next door, Becky. The agency was no more.

Fifteen years later…

Looking to ignore a childhood hobby that cemented his legacy, Adam returns to his hometown a broken man. When a hardware store is burglarized, Adam agrees to investigate for “old time’s sake.” He discovers the path to happiness may be through reliving the glory days of that very same hobby - Being a kid detective.

But this simple robbery soon leads to a plot to destroy the entire town and while The Parker Detective Agency reunites for one more case, it also could be their last?


"Michael Field's novel is a kind of interesting hybrid. It's half post modern not quite coming of age and part Spielberg 80's movie." - Adrian Correia, Cinematographer

"Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout is a very fun read. It is a completely enjoyable spin on the kid detective novels many of us grew up on" - Patrick Whalen, Director of Outreach, The Nutmeg Institute

About the Author

Been writing for 20 years. Some of it bad. Some of it not as bad. Started doing little skit shows with my friends right out of high school and eventually moved on to making a feature film with them - Save the Forest. From there, it's been shorts, some feature scripts, a couple web series and a few books.

I'm always writing or talking about writing.

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