Afflicted: Dead Reckoning (Book 3)

Genre: Horror, Sci-fi

Book Summary

The long road ahead…

A harrowing shipwreck, a dark deadly virus, and an army of infected stand in the way of one man’s mission to find the woman he loves. However, finding Becky will be no easy task, and as Mike soon learns, the threat of contagion has far-reaching consequences…

In a barren wasteland of the once-great epicenter of freedom, the US has become overrun with infection and left to crumble under the weight of death and disease. The afflicted roam the abandoned roads and countryside’s in an altered state of consciousness, threatening those few who still remain healthy.

Mike’s desperate search for Becky will take him through some of the most infected areas, and lead him into more danger than he ever thought possible. In order to find his wife, Mike will have to battle the legions of sick that plague these lands and save those he can before they fall victim to the disease.

In Dead Reckoning, the road to salvation is plagued with peril, and time is running out to save the one who matters most...

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About the Author

Derek Shupert, an Inventory and Distribution Services Manager, has been a science fiction and fantasy fan most of his life. Growing up around movies that always stretch the realm of reality, Derek quickly grabbed the affinity for things that were beyond the norm.

He currently lives in Sherman, Texas, with his wife and kids.

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