Afflicted: Genesis (Book 0)

Genre: Horror, Sci-fi

Book Summary

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Eager to get ahead and make his mark on the scientific world, Dr. Saunders skyrockets to the precipice of immortality when his brainchild, Project Starlight, is green-lit by his company. An ambitious endeavor, Project Starlight aims to eradicate the big-name diseases that have plagued the Earth for generations.

However, there is a dark side to Project Starlight that even Dr. Saunders and his partner could not have anticipated. When the faceless forces of their parent-company begin work on sinister and unethical research right under their noses, it seems there is only a matter of time before the two men get swept up in the nightmare.

When righteous men are dragged into the immoral underbelly of covert genetic testing, the walls begin to close in around everything they ever held dear—and believed in.

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About the Author

Derek Shupert, an Inventory and Distribution Services Manager, has been a science fiction and fantasy fan most of his life. Growing up around movies that always stretch the realm of reality, Derek quickly grabbed the affinity for things that were beyond the norm.

He currently lives in Sherman, Texas, with his wife and kids.

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