Against That Shining Darkness: Complete Trilogy

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Patrick Rothfuss, Terry Brooks and JRR Tolkien! Do you enjoy epic struggles like Lord of the Rings or The Shannara Chronicles? Sword fights and magic? ... Complications of dragons? Tales of desperate struggles against the darkest of enemies? You've come to the right story. This swashbuckling trilogy in one volume delivers action, drama, humor and winning characters. Come stand with them ... Against That Shining Darkness.

Book Summary

Seth's tutors have prepared him for a life of danger since he was a child ...
They thought they'd have more time ...
There's no way he could be ready.
He'll have to disappear ... And leave no trace.
But now he's cornered.
If he doesn't confront his enemies, there won't be anything left of what made life worth living.
Family ... Friends ... Home ...
He needs allies ... He'll never survive alone.
But during his time in hiding, Seth learns something important ...
Sometimes you need to fight when it's hopeless ... For hope to be born.

From Chogan Swan,
the Amazon Best-Selling Author of the Symbiont Wars Series ...

Comes Against That Shining Darkness ... the complete trilogy in one volume.

Warning! Taking a peek with the Look Inside feature can be addictive.

Go ahead ... We dare you.


Review Rating: 5 stars!
Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

I loved Against That Shining Darkness. As I sit and wonder how to tell you why I loved it, without giving away any spoilers, the word 'clean' keeps coming to mind. I just read another fantasy novel and I liked it too, but the hero in that novel was half demon and he was easy enough to like, but very hard to love. I like gritty and realistic sometimes, but it's like a breath of fresh air to read a novel like That Shining Darkness by Chogan Swan with a hero like Seth Arodan. Seth is a hero I can love. He's not perfect, but in many ways, he is the heroic ideal. Don't get me wrong, there are enough bad guys and evil in That Shining Darkness to cause all the stress and conflict any reader could want. Through it all, most of the time Seth thinks and acts like a true hero should. I couldn't help but love him. I couldn't help but think he'd make an awesome friend, brother, or son.

Chogan Swan's writing style is perfect for this genre and this novel. She has so obviously read the best the genre has to offer and has put together her own unique contribution to the field. I saw subtle nods to Arthurian legend, the Old Testament, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, and many other fantasy greats and classics. I like the clear distinction between good and evil, even though sometimes it may be hard to see that distinction when it is running havoc with your life. Last, but certainly not least, I love a unique and interesting portrayal of dragons. This is the first book of a series and I, for one, am hooked.

About the Author

Chogan Swan is a subversive, wild-eyed, non-violent neoRevolutionary who lives in the country of the mind in the world of thoughts in the universe of ideas.

In this tiny corner of the space-time continuum, Chogan studied Philosophy and later collected graduate degrees in Business and Systems Engineering from a major US university renowned for its abundant alcohol consumption and passion for a particularly barbaric blood-sport. Go Hokies! :)

These studies, however, led to an interest in Systems Thinking and how to work together to save the world for everyone.

It won't be easy.
(But then what is that's worth having?)

Philosopher, poet, prophet, revolutionary--sentients in various realities have used these words to describe Chogan. Of course, the truth is in the interstices.

The motivating force for Chogan's ... 'messages in bottles' to the multiverse ...
has been succinctly captured by the words of Harlan Ellison:

"Writing is a holy chore.
... the only organism of quiet communication left to us.
In the soft moments when we huddle alone with our thoughts, we turn to words
... And there--in the moment when (sentient beings) choose to reason--we can reach them.

It is a heavy responsibility."

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