Alan Between the Pipes

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

Alan is an introvert, and the goalie of his college team in Denver, Colorado. He's painfully shy when
he's not surrounded by his teammates and friends. He occasionally drinks to cope on days he's a bit down for no reason.
He has a difficult time keeping girlfriends, they all seem to leave him. Or do they?
Mira enters his life when he least expects it. She's a talented dancer and the BFF of the woman his roommate is dating. What can go wrong?
She's beautiful with her striking green eyes and red hair. She's smart and funny.
They bond over ballet, and it's not going to the theater.
She doesn't seem to mind his mouth, the one without a filter. And she isn't freaked out when he sets the patio grill on fire.
The graduation ceremony is over and it's time to distance himself from the dance prodigy. She's off to New York. He's off to his semi-pro team in Maine. Or is he?

About the Author

Zoe has previously been published in Shape Magazine, Parents of South Florida magazine, and was a journalist for the Fort Myers News-Press. She resides in southwest Florida with her husband and three large dogs. Her children live locally and are always up for a game night. Her love of hockey and writing led to the creation and motivation for the series. Her son is an avid hockey player. Each book is standalone in the series. For a free prequel to The Sin Bin Series Tyler: Hooked visit
To connect with Zoe visit

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