Alan Between the Pipes

Genre: Romance

For Fans Of

Meghan March, Pipper Grant, Helen Hunting, Oddette Stone, Toni Aleo, Lili Valente, Nova Raines

Book Summary

Alan is a bit crazy, as most goalies are, he's an introvert and is shy around people he doesn't know, especially when his teammates aren't around. He has moments of feeling down for no reason and plays video games to pass his sleepless nights.
He hopes to land on a semi-pro team after graduation. Afraid of being rejected by women, he pursues Mira, a dancer with a secret.
They become friends and bond over ballet and it's not in the way one would imagine. When he sees how talented she is, he’s afraid he’ll hold her back from pursuing her dreams. Or is he afraid of being rejected again?

Mira was on track to be an aspiring dancer until she had a traumatic experience in high school. Going to college in Denver is an attempt to forget her past. Her boyfriend’s tick all her boxes, but she never falls in love. The steady eddies aren’t cutting it, lacking in personality, and failing to spark any passion in her. Fearing she is incapable of love, she strives to make changes and meets Alan, the goalie with a reputation. Known to be a bit crazy and too wild, she’s smitten. He’s never on time and speaks without a filter. But she finds him refreshing and sexy as hell.

Alan ghosts her after graduation, and she moves on with a broken heart to pursue her career. Will Alan overcome his insecurities to pursue her, or will it be too late?

Alan: Between the Pipes is a standalone novel with a HEA. This is book 2 in The Sin Bin Hockey Series

About the Author

Zoe has previously been published in Shape Magazine, Parents of South Florida magazine, and was a journalist for the Fort Myers News-Press. She resides in southwest Florida with her husband and three large dogs. Her children live locally and are always up for a game night. Her love of hockey and writing led to the creation and motivation for the series. Her son is an avid hockey player. Each book is standalone in the series. For a free prequel to The Sin Bin Series Tyler: Hooked visit
To connect with Zoe visit

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