All About My Hat The Hippy Trail 1972

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

In 1972 a small group of Britsh students set out in a cheap van with little money to travel to Turkey and two of them on to India through countries few visit as tourists or travellers today - from Turkey, through Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan,

The journey involved hitch-hiking across Syria and Iran, staying a few days on an Iranian opium farm, later provided with hashish by the Afghan border customs official, many visits to Chicken Street and Sigis, onwards through the Khyber Pass and Pakistan to Delhi, the Holy Ganges cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh and leading eventually to illness and short stays in hospital in Delhi, Kabul and Tehran.

Parts of the route became known as "The Hippy Trail" / "Hippie Trail", although in those days we preferred to call ourselves "freaks".

A journey of learning and a journey of disaster, the story told by a hat called Myhat


Joan Bello, US: "I am quite sure that I have just finished reading what should be recognized as an all time classic. Alun Buffry is a master storyteller. All About My Hat kept me spellbound from the first page. This is a precise recounting of true adventure that every hippy-minded person will be in awe of regardless of age. Thankfully, Buffry has found a delightfully unique literary vehicle that completely disposes of the usual ego distraction of so many biographical accounts. It is effortless reading, nothing superfluous, no fillers, with an ease of language and a precision that is admirable. My Hat is a constant reminder of the camaraderie shared among all cannabis supporters around the world. Bravo!!"

Winston M, Surrey: "Great read and so much interesting found it hard to put down."

Kevin T, Norfolk: "A Brilliant book once i started it i could NOT put it down i would recommend others to read it."

Roger H, Suffolk: "Good Grief!"

Ann C, Norwich: "This is a fascinating book packed with stories about adventures on the "Hippy Trail" in all its reality. It was harsh with extreme discomfort, heat and dust and sometimes illness. It took strength and endurance ...but then... the rewards were a rich awareness of other cultures and beliefs. "I recommend it warmly.and did I mention, it is so funny!"

Roger W E, Swansea: "My Hat is becoming an independent friend, as I read on - he/she/it is competing with you! Roger WE"

Chris P, Essex: "Awesome read fella, most enjoyable."

Ian L, Norfolk: "Liked it a lot, very entertaining, definitely a good read, well done Alun."

Frank K, W Sussex: "Loved the book Alun and have shown friends, also travellers with a Hippie hat. Great days to remember for you I bet. I like the way you laid out the text too, great read."

Mark S, Norfolk: "Loving the book."

Melissa D, Italy: "It is hard to define “All About My Hat”: part travel guide, with interesting facts about the places Al and My Hat visit, partly a tale of a young man meeting new cultures, and finding his way in the world, and partly a reflection of the times, of an era that has now passed: when travelling still felt like a step into the Unknown, and not just into another queue for a cheap flight.
"By turns My Hat is funny, sad, informative and reflective. Alun Buffry is a natural storyteller and weaves this tale with delight and good humour, leaving the reader wondering: what will happen next to My Hat? Will he ever get out of his ‘Ed?"

Simon B, Norwich: "You were lucky to survive - loved the book."

Kat, London: "I have just finished your book Al. Really enjoyed it. Hoped for a love affair between you & Miriam, but maybe she will join our group! Diane was mysterious, and hard core. Three tabs of California Sunshine. WOW!!!!

Marion G, Suffolk: "Marion Gaze An easy enjoyable read. It took me right back to those times of footloose carefree travel and spontaneous adventure....usually ending in illness or loss of ones money! Though i was part of the start of the journey, Alun's Hat remembers a lot more than me, which is why there will not be a book about my overland trip to India a year or so later..."

About the Author

A graduate in Chemistry in 1971; my main interests are Ancient Egypt, Science Fiction, History and sciences; I am a campaigner for human rights and the ending of cannabis prohibition. Now retired, I spend time travelling and writing. I have written and seld-published several boots and am working on more.

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