(Almost) Average Anthology

Genre: Horror, Sci-fi, Short Stories

For Fans Of

Neil Gaimon, Stephen King, The Twilight Zone, Tales From the Crypt

Book Summary

Culled from the archives of the (Almost) Average blog, this anthology of flash fiction collects sixteen original stories in one volume. Maniacal creatures, deadly aliens, and strained relationships reveal the darker side of life through tales perfect for the reader wanting adventure in bite-sized stories.

Touches of horror, science fiction, and fantasy weave through the anthology from the opening line of “Sebastian (I Am Death)” to the closing words in “The Long Sleep.” This debut anthology offers the reader a variety of stories with twists and unexpected turns.

Featuring the story “Sunshine and Asteroids” as read on episode 48 of the No Extra Words podcast and two previously unreleased stories only available here, this anthology of dark stories is the first offering of author Jason J. Nugent.

Lailoken's Books

About the Author

Jason is an author and blogger of horror, science fiction, and fantasy.

Originally from Cleveland, OH, he currently lives in beautiful Southern Illinois as a sales rep for a successful screen-printing company. Growing up in Cleveland, he has strong ties to the city and despite all to the contrary, still follows the Cleveland Browns. Thankfully the the Cavaliers brought home the trophy (and the Indians were sooo close!)

A graduate of Southern Illinois University with a Master’s Degree in Early Medieval History, he leans on his studies to bring life to his work.

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