American Mutt

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THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY Unprecedented chaos in America—on the brink of a second civil war. Maverick investigative journalist Jackson Rand runs the controversial website It’s the home of the Sunlight List—news exclusives exposing political corruption.
Five public figures on The List disappear on the same night three weeks before the presidential election, including the Speaker of the House and the Governor of the World Bank. Part of his background a black hole, Jackson becomes a target of the investigation.
After an attempt on his life, Jackson goes on the run to find his notorious anonymous source.
The kidnapping mastermind reveals himself on the Internet—his name is Hale. But law enforcement and intelligence agencies can’t find any record of him ever existing.
Hale begins to unravel the captive’s connection to a ruthless cabal and their plans to destroy the sovereignty of America.
Jackson—an enigma. The source—anonymous. Hale—a ghost. The cabal—purveyors of Utopia.
Four mysteries that intertwine in this political thriller where nothing is what it seems.


***** American Mutt is my new favorite book. A solid and all-around great read. Falcon’s truly creative action- and twist-filled story takes the reader on a crazy ride that is both suspenseful, novel fiction and a realistic, relevant warning that will hit close to home. The characters are believable (I feel like I know them personally), the plot is fast and tortuous, and the story itself is thrilling. But the author also has blended in elements of critical and discomfiting current political and social goings-on, exposing devious deeds that have been hiding in plain sight in America. Some of it is downright scary—even more so because it’s real and true.
When you finish the book and can finally put it down…you’ll keep thinking about it; as the author cautions, nothing is what it seems.
***** I always hesitate picking up a long book, but this thriller won me over immediately. Great pacing and balance of action, intrigue, and commentary. I was recommending the book even before I finished. The end is a bit preachy but that's politics, no? I'm on the lookout for the author's next book!
***** Discovering Scott Falcon's work was the perfect answer to my quarantine blues. This was a FANTASTIC read. This book was very thought provoking and kept me engaged the entire time. I found myself constantly wanting to get back to the pages throughout the day. I am very excited to read other work by this author. If you are a reader and are looking for your next book, I highly recommend American Mutt. Reading his Threshold next, I'm excited!
***** Want something different to read" This novel will surely satisfy that one. American Mutt was a gripping novel from start to finish. Not usually a fan of this type of thriller, this one got my attention from the start - unique beginning and very intriguing throughout. Scott Falcon came up with a very unusual plot with twists and turns that keep you hurrying to see what happens next. Loved this book!

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About the Author

Scott Falcon is a new American author, debuted in 2020, writing cutting edge novels in different thriller genres.
Political Thriller: AMERICAN MUTT. A maverick journalist with a black hole past uncovers an invisible cabal bent on destroying American sovereignty. Five star reviews, the novel rose to the Top 100 in American Literature on Amazon within weeks of release, and to the Top 10 in Political Thrillers.
Technothriller: THRESHOLD. In 2040 technology stops working. All of it—except a mutant AI. Five star reviews, the epic novel hit #1 in Hard Science Fiction and #3 in Technothrillers on Amazon. It also made 14 other Bestseller lists.
Psychological Thriller: CELERITY: A mediocre college track athlete ingests a rare plant extract and becomes the fastest woman in history—and the first to play in the NFL.
Scott is an avid outdoorsman, a conversation advocate, and is a member/sponsor of Wild Oceans, The Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and Sea Shepard. Scott lives in Ventura, California. More information about Scott, including his fourth thriller, can be found on his website.
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