Amie Cut for Life

Genre: Action Adventure

Book Summary

From the beginning, the mission went wrong. Amie loses contact with her handlers in London, she is stalked across borders, the aid workers act very suspiciously and her partner Simon is missing. Locked in a rural hut and left for dead, Amie's rescuers need more than a little help from her to escape an international sex trade with a horrifying twist.


This novel is edge of seat and will keep you entertained from page one to the end.

Lucinda Clarke takes you there and traps you into a story of horror based on tribal practices, poverty, and pride, too powerful to put down.

There are so many twists and turns it leaves one breathlessly turning pages. We're never sure who to trust. Who are the bad guys and who are the good guys?

Amie shows no sign of running out of steam in this latest edition of what I hope will be as long a running saga as that of James Bond.

About the Author

Born in Dublin, dragged up in the Cotswolds and finished off in dockland Liverpool. Wanted to follow grandfather and work in Fleet Street, persuaded to train as a teacher - went crofting in Scotland, moved to Kenya, on to Libya with riots, a public hanging and a bayonet on her shoulder during a live radio broadcast. Speeding past more countries and careers she eventually 'fell' into writing for a living, first in radio, later in television in South Africa. Part time lecturer in scriptwriting at Durban University of Technology, worked for National Geographic, the UN and WHO, plus a Hollywood film.

Before retiring, she ran her own successful video production company with corporate, government and media clients. Now she is only pretending to be retired, while busy writing for a new client, herself. To date she has published seven books, three memoirs, three adventure thrillers and a comedy.

Winner of 21 awards for her television and video programmes and several awards for her books.

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