Amish Second Chance Boxset

Genre: Christian

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Beverly Hills Wanda Brunstetter Samantha Price Karen Kingsbury This book is an ideal read for fans of Amish Romance, Christian romance, and Inspirational fiction.

Book Summary

Can a first love get a second chance?
When Hannah runs into Benjamin twenty-two years after they had first courted, the old spark gets re-ignited between them. But they are no longer teenagers, and no longer in love.
Or are they?

This box set contains the complete Amish Second Chance trilogy comprising of A Second Chance 1, 2 and 3. This book is an ideal read for fans of Amish books, Amish Romance, Christian romance, and Christian fiction.


"I loved this boxed set as I love a good clean set of stories! I finished this in one sitting and was hoping for more! Hannah worries about her farm and finances as keeping things going after her husband's death isn't easy alone...

The stories are well written and straightforward... just like my Amish friends were when I was growing up! The stories brought back memories and made me think of them. We get a glimpse into the life and faith of these people, and we feel what they are experiencing. Another plus to the stories? Hannah and Benjamin are OLDER... and the particular challenges facing this age when searching for that second chance! The characters are very real with their joy, fear, worry, etc... the challenges they face are very real. Their steadfast faith is an inspiration despite the odds."

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About the Author

Hi there, I am a mother of a beautiful daughter, wife to a loving husband, a fan of Inspirational fiction, and an author of multiple Amish Romance stories.

Do you love sweet clean romance? Well you are in for a treat. Nothing bad ever happens in Amish romance stories. Or even if it does, it's always sorted out by the end of the book. With faith in the Lord, discovering the good within us, and the ever-helpful support of the Amish community, you can be sure that you get a happy ever after ending.

As long as you are immersed in an Amish Romance book, its possible to keep the real world at bay and live in a far, far nicer one where the simple country folk of the Amish community live by the highest values of faith, love, trust and simplicity.

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