An encounter with invisible people

Genre: Non Fiction

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Book Summary

It is an intriguing story of my encounter with invisible people. This story will give you shrill and force you to sit and wonder, what lies in this world and beyond. Brace down to take a journey never taken before. Unleashing for you a story gravely real, a tale of shamans, the fortune tellers, the faith healers and the god man, who are so-called mediums, connectors between worlds
People are mad for the name, fame, money, big house, a big car, beautiful woman and a luxurious life. These dreams of people are exploited by many people by different means. I met one such God man (Baba- called in India), who was solving problems through a group of invisible people. He was calling him by the name of “Big Boss (Bade Sahib)”. I started talking with Big Boss (Bade Sahib) and his group members.
Before writing this book, I took permission from Big Boss (Bade Sahib) because I know they can harm.
This book has seventeen chapters. and It is a story for people of all ages, religions, ethnicity.

About the Author

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