Another Dance (California Belly Dance Romance, Book 3)

Genre: Romance

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Life couldn't be better for celebrity drummer Taz Roman, and it has everything to do with his new girlfriend, Melanie Drake. They're in perfect sync--onstage and between the sheets. 

He's convinced love might finally be on his side. She's not so sure. The sex is great, but the closer they get to embarking on their world tour--with all those adoring and beautiful fans who clamor for his attention--the more she wants to do what she's always done and run. 

Will a sexy night of passion be a final farewell, or can it finally bring them together for good? 

Another Dance is Book 3 but can be enjoyed without reading the other books. It is best read after Dance with Me. It has a happily-ever-after ending and no cliffhanger.

Rating: PG-13

Another Dance is a sexy contemporary romance with an exciting celebrity hero and a sassy and wild heroine that's full of heart and humor. Their story keeps you guessing till the end, and will melt your heart through the emotional twists and turns until this unlikely couple finally earn their happily-ever-after.

For readers who enjoy contemporary romance, women's fiction, new adult romance, chick lit, romantic comedy, and alpha males.

The CALIFORNIA BELLY DANCE ROMANCE series features the women of the fictional Shimmy Shop belly dance studio in Orange County, California, and the sexy men who love them. 

Shimmy for Me (Book 1, 25,000 words, stand-alone): available now

Dance with Me (Book 2, 52,000 words, stand-alone): available now

Another Dance (Book 3, 10,000 words, sequel to Dance with Me): available now

Jingly Bells (Book 4, 35,000 words, stand-alone): available now


I loved the storyline and the romance was red hot between Taz and Melanie. I would highly recommend this good read.--Gina G., Amazon reviewer (5 stars)

LOVED this short story. Learning more about Taz and Melanie's lives was exactly what I needed to read about this summer. Perfect for a short and all around amazing read.--Jasmie T., Amazon reviewer (5 stars)

I’d definitely recommend this short read for anyone looking for a hot summer story. DeAnna writes great characters and stories!--Shannon, Amazon reviewer (5 stars)

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