Are you Aware?

Genre: Children

Book Summary

A Children's Minimalist illustrations Nursery Rhyme for 3-8 Ages.
"Are You Aware" encourages young children to see the love and gifts of nature around them--a gentle breeze, the freshness of air, the soothing touch of rain, the sounds of life. Author Ghylian Bell has highlighted these gifts in a way that young children can understand and embrace them. She illustrates how the air we need to breathe and water we need to live and sustain us are also sources of calm and comfort. "Are You Aware" helps young children recognize and appreciate these simple joys.

A strong relationship between mother and Child. Childrens Mindfulness and Awareness Education.
"Are You Aware" is the start of a continuing conversation with our children about love of life and respecting the world around them. It is a message of hope for our complicated world. "Are You Aware" can open new avenues of curiosity about how we each can keep our world clean, safe, and joyful for everyone. It is a catalyst for exploration and participation in protecting an environment loaned to us and that they will pass on to new generations.

This book is written to inspire preschooler and elementary students understanding of awreness, present moments, sensory expression through kindness and elements of meditation.

About the Author

Ghylian Bell is a woman that wants to bring about a change in the world by doing small acts of kindness for the most special forces that have the power to change the face of a nation; young boys and girls. She is a teacher and yoga instructor for quite some years now and has a long list of individuals that can vouch for her patience and unique teaching attitude. Ghylian Bell is the founder of Urban Yoga Foundation, which is her greatest achievement in her life as it helps the world on a completely new level.

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