Ark Lost In Time: Exodus

Genre: Action Adventure, Dystopian and Futuristic, Fantasy, Sci-fi

For Fans Of

Ark Survival Evolved, Dinosaurs, Alien Hosts

Book Summary

When the Hosts arrived on Earth and wiped humanity from existence it was believed to be the end of history. It was only the beginning, the Hosts preserved the DNA of every creature to ever live on Earth and have given them eternal life on their creations called the Arks. Through the Hosts well the human survivors live on the Arks and must attempt to survive in a hostile new world.
Follow the journey of the Survivor known as Fang as she and her tribe-mates attempt to survive in a hostile world filled with giant mammals and vicious dinosaurs. During a time of great upheaval on their Ark the Nomads must band together to survive threats from outside and within. Can the tribe survive until the Exodus.

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About the Author

I have enjoyed writing since I was a child, while I have finished many of my books few of them are in print. I have a dream that I will one day become be able to see my name on the shelves of stores around the world. While I am only self published I plan to continue, I plan to publish as many of my books as I can.
I look at my favorite authors and all I can think is if they did it so can I. If you have a passion for writing do not give up, keep writing, use the free resources of the internet to get your work out there.
While my favorite authors are Erin Hunter, J.K. Rowling and Lev Grossman, I feel that my writing stands out from the books I enjoy. I hope that if you take the time to read my books you will also take the time to write a review and share my books with your friends.
Be sure to check out my website for excerpts from my work, and current short stories.

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