Arms of the Dragon

Genre: Fantasy, General Fiction, Sci-fi

Book Summary

Hurry! I don’t want to miss it!”, whispered Chelsea to her dive buddy, Marcus as he lay in the cabin suite of the forty-three foot Beneteau Oceanis. They had chartered the sailboat out of Key West to cruise the Caribbean, in celebration of their joint acceptance into their law school of choice, Georgetown. As a quip, and to demonstrate their good humor, they had decided to go to Georgetown, Grand Cayman for the summer, to enjoy the last free days they would enjoy before starting their three-year journey in Washington, DC. Their deep dive into the law would be prefaced with as many deep dives as they could log over the summer, cruising the West Indies.

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About the Author

The author lives in the wilds, deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with her beloved labradoodles, Chloe & Ruger and horses, Sierra & Whisky. She is a passionate and creative spirit composing novels, poetry, song lyrics and musical composition.

She is considerably influenced by such excellent authors as Robert A. Heilein and Roger Zelazny, among many others. Their inspirations have taken her on the deepest dives into the confines of her own soul to find the stories of her life and share them with the reading public.

When she is not fully immersed in the writing process, either on her laptop writing or waking throughout all hours of the night to make notations on her current work, she can be found travelling and exploring new relationships while researching her next inspired original work.

She enjoys exploring National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries to indulge her other passions; sailing and diving. And, as any good literary enthusiast, she enjoys curling up with a good read next to a cozy fire on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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