Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers, Dystopian and Futuristic, General Fiction, Mystery

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Dan Brown 1984 V for Vendetta

Book Summary

A Hatchett Report Investigation . . .Series Book 1
It’s 2036, an age of global water conflict and controlled media. A blacklisted journalist finds herself at a perilous crossroads between her explosive past and the future of humanity.
Truby Goodman is relocated to Americas Sector N3-24F, the defunct Old Faithful Inn in Wyoming, isolated with four companions she knows little about. Once one of Interpol’s most wanted, she is now bound by a plea agreement not without consequences.
Goodman is haunted by the memories of a child she loves that is one of three Alpha Generation geniuses chosen to design a solution to end the international water crisis. The Global Security Council’s WREN project soon becomes plagued by off-gridders who oppose it and a rogue darknet underground news outlet.
When WREN is compromised during an opening ceremony live broadcast, the world is suddenly plunged into a global state of emergency. Questioning the authenticity of media reports, Goodman risks revealing her true identity as she races to expose the greatest coup ever attempted.
Confronting the impossible in search of redemption, one journalist will dare to rewrite human history—centuries in the making.


"Christine Horner's futuristic novel will have readers turning pages. The plot is well structured and compelling. Horner's prose is eloquent at times, and she provides creative, realistic-sounding dialects for different characters. Horner's account of the adventures and tribulations of journalist Truby Goodman proves to be a wholly unique and riveting tale. Horner dedicates an ample amount of time to providing detailed backstories for her characters. The well rendered cast will appeal to readers." -- BookLife Prize Critic's Report

"Intertwining history, philosophy, science and politics, author Christine Horner has managed to craft a mesmerizing debut novel filled with poignant insights and stunning revelations." -- James Boschert, author of the popular Talon series

"A riveting dystopian thriller that launches out of America's wild west. Attribution is an exhilaratingly wild ride, where nothing is as it seems, nor the damaged heroine (or is she?)." -- Leah Devlin, author of Spider of the Chesapeake Tugboat Murder Series

"Betrayal, revolution and corruption . . . are all part of Attribution, a wonderful sci-fi techno thriller that will keep you reading until the wee hours of the night." -- Marc Liebman, author of Inner Look

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About the Author

Christine is a Dayton Literary Peace Prize nominated author who enjoys writing fiction and nonfiction offering a higher consciousness perspective that helps readers discover the miraculous within. Horner is the co-founder of the What Would Love Do Foundation and creator of the website Pick up your free Brilliant Life Guide.

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